Episode 487 on Monday the 12th of March, 2018. Ecuador Hilda Pacha Washed Caturra

In the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, in the southeast of Ecuador, there is the province of Zamora-Chinchipe, home to Hilda’s farm. This farm has 10 hectares in total, and 7 of them are made up of virgin forests and native trees and the other 3 are where the coffee's grown.

This region counts with the only nogal reserve in the country and with the wood of these trees, they make cooking utensils for their kitchen. In this region, you can find more than 160 different bird species that migrate from farm to farm to find their perfect habitat and in the process cheer up hundreds of coffee growing families.

Its remote and exotic location, makes this farm unique and priviledged for its biodiversity and microclimates. The passionate and experienced producers in the region, geographic location, climatic conditions, and the rich soil, are the perfect mix to produce extraordinary coffee.

Even though coffee growers in this region still say they have many things to learn about producing specialty coffee, it's a region with very high potential. Hilda is part of the association called ACRIM that believes that “The sustainable progress and development of communities can only be done by getting together, working as a team, and respecting the environment together.”

In the cup this super sweet coffee reminds me of brown sugar and toffee, with a green apple and watermelon aftertaste.

  • Country: Ecuador
  • Province: Zamora - Chinchipe
  • Cantón: Zumba
  • Producer: Hilda Terest Pacha Cordero
  • Altitude: 1,700 m.a.s.l.
  • Total farm size: 10 Hectares
  • Farm coffee growing area: 3 Hectares
  • Varietal: Caturra
  • Drying method: Fully sun dried on parabolic covered patios
  • Processing method: Traditionally fully washed
  • Fermentation time: 18 hours

Cupping notes: Brown sugar, toffee, green apple, watermelon.

  • Clean cup: (1–8): 6
  • Sweetness: (1–8): 7.5
  • Acidity: (1–8): 6.5
  • Mouthfeel: (1–8): 6.5
  • Flavour: (1–8): 6.5
  • Aftertaste: (1–8): 6
  • Balance: (1–8): 6.5
  • Overall: (1–8): 6.5
  • Correction:(+36): +36

Total (max. 100): 89

Roasting Information: Medium dark - take it through first and then there is quite a long gap, you want the very first pops of second as the coffee hits the cooling tray.

"Quick Look" Guide: Brown sugar, toffee, green apple, watermelon.

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