Episode 21 on Monday the 30th of March 2009 Harlequin Special

At our 2nd 'Meet Up', which took place in York, we talked about the Harlequin Blend and its make up. It's a base of 50% Brazilian Fazenda Cachoeira for sweetness and that lovely 'Cachoeria caramel', plus 30% Guatemala Entre Rios for acidity and also another level of sweetness with its dark chocolate, then for the grunt and base to cut through milk, 20% Sumatra Raja Batak.

A perfect blend for milk, and very forgiving if pulled a little long, short, hot or cold. This special is in partnership with the 'In My Mug' we recorded at the Cafe Harlequin during the 'Meet Up', and it will only be on offer for the month of April, after after which it is no longer going to be available on the site. Also to tie in with the money already raised from the 'Meet Ups', we will donate 50p from each pack into the fund. Where the fund goes we don't know yet, but as soon as we see the right project we will know - and so will you!


  • 31 March 2009, 8:20 am

    carl Eugen Johannessen says:

    Great inmymug, still enjoying them! And learning to make my own Carlos Blend here at Bergen Coffee roasting soon. Just have to light my Petroncini.

    All the best
    Carl Eugen Johannessen

  • 31 March 2009, 9:05 am

    Big G says:

    Thx to Steve and being the crazy passionate master coffee nutter that he is.
    Thx to Sarah for putting up with Steve and allowing him to do what he dose so well, and also for being so special
    And a big shout out to everyone that came to the meetup it was great to meet you all and co host such a fantastic day

  • 31 March 2009, 10:33 pm

    Damian says:

    Great video from a great event.
    Thanks to all involved.

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