Episode 17 on Monday the 2nd of March 2009 Guatemalan wine and coffee special


  • 8 March 2009, 10:34 pm

    David Dunlop says:

    Steve, i’m really enjoying this wine/coffee parallel you have kickstarted. I was into wine first and coffee second, and blogs like this have opened my eyes to the similarities. Had fun today trying to roast and blend a coffee that would match an Argento Malbec, and was close but admittedly no cigar with a mix of your Kenyan Gethumbwini (60%) Sumatran Takengon (25%) and Harrar (15%). My hosts appreciated the Malbec and thought the coffee complimented it pretty well. Experimentation is what keep us ticking and moving forward. Just checked the site for whats new, and the Bolivia Machacamarca is BACK Hoorah, and being a real ale fan the Rwanda MIG will be getting a rattle. Without sounding like a Ferrero Rocher Ad, you are spoiling us!!!

  • 8 March 2009, 11:05 pm

    I like your pairing that’s very cool indeed. The Sumatra will work so well with a powerful malbec, with the gethumbwini giving it that bite.

    Trust me this week will be the most exciting coffee week ever. I can not wait !!! By Wednesday you will think I’m spoiling you some more :)

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